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Warren Schenke Cup

June 24th Imperials V Jervois

Jervois and Imperials play for the Schenke Cup, which was named in honour of the late Warren Schenke, who was a legend in both Clubs and the RMFL.

Warren commenced playing for Jervois in 1946, and played an astonishing 350 games spanning 25 years. He was captain/coach of the A grade from 1966 until 1970, winning in 1966 and 1968, and was coach only in 1971 and 1972.

He played in 6 Premierships with the Bluds. Warren moved to Murray Bridge in 1972 and took over as coach of Imperials in 1974. He coached the Blues to 3 Premierships in 1976, 1977, and 1978, as well as reserves Premiers in 1976 and 1978. He also coached Imperials to runners up in 1975, 1979 and 1980.

Warren’s record with Imperials reads as 3 Premierships from 6 grand finals, 7 seasons as Reserves coach for 2 Premierships from 5 grand finals.

Warren was a Life Member of the Jervois, Imperial and Redlegs Football Clubs as well as a Life Member of the RMFL. He had a total of 46 years involvement, with only 2 years off.


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Round April 1st

Round 2 April 8th

Round 3 April 22nd

Round 4 April 29th

Round 5 May 6th

Round 6 May 13th

Round 7 May 20th

Round 8 May 27th

Round 9 June 3rd

Round 10 June 17th

Round 11 June 24th

Tony Gibson (Jervois 11
Brian Fenton (Meningie) 9
Gene Robinson (Mannum) 9
Michael O’Malley (Mannum) 9
Karl Lohde (Meningie) 9
Steve Clay (Tailem Bend) 7
Patrick O’Neil (Ramblers) 7
Philip Smith (Imperials) 7
Peter Nelson (Meningie) 7
Jarrad Weyland (Ramblers) 7

Ramblers V Mannum
Jarrad Weyland   (Ramblers) 3
Patrick O’Neil      (Ramblers)    2
Alex Pfeiffer        (Ramblers)    1

Imperial V Meningie
Thomas Phelps   (Meningie) 3
James Lawson    (Meningie) 2
Brad Lienert        (Imperials)  1

Jervois V Mypolonga
Tony Gibson (Jervois) 3
Lachlan Butler (Mypolonga) 2
James Moss (Mypolonga) 1

Mannum V Imperials
Izaac Boylan (Mannum) 3
Braden Herrmann (Mannum) 2
Levi Krause (Mannum) 1

Meningie V Jervois
Brian Fenton (Meningie) 3
Peter Nelson (Meningie) 2
Dylan Barry (Jervois) 1

Mypolonga V Tailem Bend
Steven Clay (Tailem Bend) 3
Russell Tucker (Mypolonga) 2
Dylan Hogarth (Tailem Bend) 1

Tailem Bend vs Meningie
Brian Fenton (Meningie) 3
Harrison Slee( Meningie) 2
Steve Clay (Tailem /bend) 1

Jervois vs Mannum
Michael O’Malley (Mannum) 3
Levi Krause (Mannum) 2
Jacob Bowen (Mannum ) 1

Imperials vs Ramblers
Matt Altmann (Ramblers) 3
Phil Smith (Imperials) 2
Clinton Walker (Ramblers) 1

Ramblers V Tailem Bend
Daniel Bartlett (Tailem Bend) 3
Harrison Westhoff (Tailem Bend) 2
Jack Marino (Tailem Bend) 1

Meninge V Mypolonga
Tyson Schmid (Meningie) 3
Peter Nelson (Meningie) 2
Simon Norris (Mypolonga) 1

Imperials V Jervois
Philip Smith (Imperials) 3
Owen Love (Jervois) 2
James Wundke (Imperials) 1

Meningie V Ramblers
Brian Fenton (Meningie) 3
Brodie Van DenBrink (Meningie) 2
Aaron Pratt (Ramblers) 1

Mypolonga V Imperials
Ben Gogel (Mypolonga) 3
James Moss (Mypolonga) 2
Daniel Girdham (Imperials) 1

Mannum V Tailem Bend
Jacob Bowen (Mannum) 3
Gene Robinson Mannum) 2
Levi Krause (Mannum) 1

Ramblers V Mypolonga
Todd Howson (Mypolonga) 3
Matthew Altmann (Ramblers) 2
James Moss (Mypolonga) 1

Jervois V Tailem
Tony Gibson (Jervois) 3
Justin Hardy (Jervois) 2
Dylan Barry (Jervois) 1

Mannum V Meningie
Karl Lohde (Meningie) 3
Jye De Zylva (Mannum) 2
Gene Robinson (Mannum) 1

Mypolonga V Mannum
Gene Robinson (Mannum) 3
James Moss (Mypolonga) 2
Jacob Bowen (Mannum) 1

Jervois V Ramblers
Patrick O’Neil (Ramblers) 3
Dylan Barry (Jervois) 2
Jarrad Weyland (Ramblers) 1

Tailem Bend V Imperials
Steven Clay (Tailem Bend) 3
Scott Welsh (Tailem Bend) 2
Daniel Perks (Tailem Bend) 1

Mannum V Ramblers
Justin Mills (Mannum) 3
Patrick O’Neil (Ramblers) 2
Gene Robinson (Mannum) 1

Meningie V Imperials
Karl Lohde (Meningie) 3
Peter Nelson (Meningie) 2
Dylan Hollitt (Imperials) 1

Mypolonga V Jervois
Ryan Willits (Jervois) 3
Tony Gibson (Jervois) 2
Justin Hardy (Jervois) 1

Imperials V Mannum
Michael O’Malley (Mannum) 3
Gene Robinson (Mannum) 2
Matthew Williams (Imperials) 1

Jervois V Meningie
Brodie Martin (Meningie) 3
Myles Warmington (Meningie) 2
Harrison Slee (Meningie) 1

Tailem Bend V Mypolonga
Nathan Wright (Mypolonga) 3
Clint Diment (Mypolonga) 2
James Moss (Mypolonga) 1

Ramblers V Imperials
Matthew Williams (imperials) 3
Phil Smith (Imperials) 2
Brandon Thiele (Ramblers) 1

Mannum V Jervois
Michael O’Malley (Mannum) 3
Justin Hardy (Jervois) 2
Jye De Zylva (Mannum) 1

Meningie V Tailem Bend
Karl Lohde (Meningie) 3
Nick Westhoff (Tailem Bend) 2
Peter Nelson (Meningie) 1

Tailem Bend V Ramblers
Jarrad Weyland (Ramblers) 3
Aaron Pratt (Ramblers) 2
Michael Sumner (Tailem Bend) 1

Mypolonga V Meningie
Corey Jones (Mypolonga) 3
Jack Kluske (Mypolonga) 2
Nathan Wright (Mypolonga) 1

Jervois V Imperials
Tony Gibson (Jervois) 3
Bradley Gabell (Jervois) 2
Matthew Kemp (Jervois) 1



The River Murray Football League does not condone rough play in the form of violence on the football oval. It has instructed Umpires to use all of the necessary tools of discipline they have at their disposal including; the free kick, 50 metre penalty, yellow and red card and umpires report which results in players having to present themselves to the tribunal.

The RMFL have launched a campaign we are calling “NO DOGS ALLOWED”. The intent of the slogan is to create an impression that playing outside of the rules with unnecessary violence through any form of forceful contact we refer to as “Biting” and “Barking”. Biting activities include; kicking, punching, elbowing, bumping an opponent above the shoulders etc. “Barking” activities include; swearing, abuse of umpires, players and officials, vilification and derogatory comments towards others.

All players and officials of the RMFL agree such behaviour is low and unacceptable, and what we will refer to as DOG ACTivities. The intention of the campaign is much similar to the Danny Green initiative of the “Coward Punch”. As a player, you will be seen as a villain, and “not cool” should you engage in any of the DOG ACTivities listed above.



How lucky we are to have both Bill Bailey of the Murray Valley Standard and Julie Wright from The Blues to share their camera skills with those football skills of our players! 

This lot is thanks to Bill!