Two new additions have been accepted into the River Murray Football and Netball Leagues (RMFL) – the Southern Suns and the Mallee Storm.

RMFL Executive, Member Club Presidents and representatives gathered at the Tailem Bend Football Club on Tuesday, November 8, to discuss the new club’s applications.

As a result of the meeting, both the Mallee Districts Football and Netball Club, and the Southern Mallee Football and Netball Club were approved in full to join the RMFL from the beginning of the 2023 Season.

Current RMFL President, Michelle Hill said that everyone was really excited at Tuesday’s meeting and everyone is looking forward to having some new clubs in the league for the next season.

“When I rang the Mallee clubs last night to tell them that they were in, they were ecstatic, both clubs were ecstatic, and they couldn’t wait to let their members know, and yes we do still have to wait for SANFL confirmation, but we think that will just be a formality,” Ms Hill said.

“Everybody was really on board with the Mallee coming in, there were a few concerns about travel, but the two new clubs, especially the Southern Suns, are open to negotiating times that juniors will play, maybe some games can be played in the half-times of the A Grades, they’ve got two ovals so if people want to start later, we can have a bit of negotiation.”

On Wednesday, November 9, the Mallee Districts Sporting Clubs – an amalgamation of Karoonda and Peake sporting clubs – officially announced their team’s name as the Mallee Storm, with team colours teal, black, pink and grey.

This, along with the earlier announced merger between Lameroo and Pinnaroo to create the Southern Mallee Suns – with colours charcoal, white and orange – bumps the number of teams in the RMFL up from seven to nine.

While the RMFL welcomed the two new clubs, they are currently awaiting official approval from the SA Football Commission, which will be decided at their November 29 meeting.

A 2023 season program will be confirmed at the RMFL’s December 5 AGM, but there are plans to start the season a lot later than usual.

“We’re excited to say that next year we will start on April 15, and that’s way later, about three or four weeks later than what we’ve been doing, so we’re all happy about that,” Ms Hill said.


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